Maria Hlavajova
Artistic Director

Alexandra Martens Serrano
Coordinator of Research & Publications
Alejandro Navarete Cortés
Coordinator Communities & Praxis
Basja Koetsier
Office Assistant
Bart Witte
Head of Production & Facilities
Benjamin Henninger
Production Assistant
Clara Balaguer
Convener of Communities & Praxis
Daniel Lodeweges
Coordinator of Facilities
Dieudonnee Twickler
Coordinator of Communications
Dina Mohamed
Convener of BAK Fellowship for Situated Practice
Esther Dascha Westra
Administration Assistant
Geo Barcan
Coordinator of BAK Fellowship for Situated Practice, Study, and Social Media
Gerardo Gómez Tonda
Research Assistant
Grace Lostia
Coordinator of Communities & Praxis, Kitchen
Jo-Anneke van der Molen
Coordinator of Education
Jolijt Bosch
Coordinator of bak Young Fellows
Lisanne van Vucht
Head of Operations
Mario Paap
Financial Administration
Ollie Paterson
Orlando Maaike Gouwenberg
Wietske Maas
Convener of Research & Publications

Kosta Besermenji, Catho de Lange, Katerina Kallivrousi, Tim van Loon, Daauwe van Huizen, Anna Schultz, Julia Stefania Kassyk, Aiofe Dunne, Nina Spa, Anita Schuurman, Elisabeth Kollen, Alec Gatenby, Natalia Schipakina, Natalija Gucheva, Pia Seidel, Mira Moussa

BAK, basis voor actuele kunst is a non-profit organization with a supervisory board. The membership of the Supervisory Board of BAK, basis voor actuele kunst is as follows*:
Kitty Zijlmans (chair)
Katherine Watson
Gerben Biermann

Dirk Jan Blikkendaal
Annelies van der Horst

Both the management of BAK, basis voor actuele kunst and the Supervisory Board comply with the Cultural Governance Code.

BAK Artist Associate
Jeane van Heeswijk

Rosi Braidotti
Sven Lütticken

Open call: Volunteers
Financieel controller

We sometimes accept internship requests, for this you can send us an email at info@bakonline.org

*Schedule of appointment and resignation (rooster van aantreden en aftreden), in Dutch (PDF):

Download PDF

Code of conduct and protocol:
BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht strives to be a space free from any form of structural oppression, including racism, sexism, validism, homo-, trans- and xenophobia and age-related discrimination. BAK recognizes that this requires a concerted and ongoing effort, and we ask for your help. During your visit to BAK, you agree to actively support this goal.