Making Public

Departing from urgent social, environmental, and technological matters, BAK’s work materializes in long-term, multifaceted research projects. These unfold as processes of collective thinking and acting, and manifest publically in intermittent situated research events—exhibitions, lectures, publications, workshops, and composite performative conferences with exhibitionary, discursive, and elements.
Spectral Infrastructure

“Spectral Infrastructure” is a long-term research trajectory convened by BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht and freethought collective, unfolding through a multifaceted series of collective study, research, and public programs.

Installation Forensic Justice, BAK, basi
Installation Forensic Justice, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht, 2018–2019
Propositions for Non-Fascist Living

From 2017 on, BAK, basis voor actuele kunst unfolds its long-term research itinerary Propositions for Non-Fascist Living.

Future Vocabularies

Future Vocabularies is a long-term, multifaceted research, education, exhibition, and publication project through which the program of BAK, basis voor actuele kunst unfolds over the course of 2014–2017.

Jonas Staal, Anatomy of a Revolution—R
Jonas Staal, Anatomy of a Revolution—Rojava, 2015, class room for educating the People’s Defense Units (YPG), Rojava, West Kurdistan (Syria)
New World Academy

In establishing New World Academy (NWA), artist Jonas Staal and BAK, basis voor actuele kunst conjoin their efforts to launch a new academy that invites political organizations invested in the progressive political project to share with artists and students their views on the role of art and culture in political struggles.


Concerning the Post-Secular develops through an exhibition (autumn 2008), seminars and related projects, and a BAK Critical Reader presenting new texts by artists and scholars who investigate the notion of the “post-secular” from the perspective of contemporary artistic and intellectual practices.

Citizens and Subjects

Citizens and Subjects is a project conceived as the Dutch contribution to the 52nd International Art Exhibition – La Biennale di Venezia.

Research in Residence

The Research-in-Residence program (RIR) provides international artists, researchers, writers, curators, and critics with an opportunity to spend a period of time living and working in the city of Utrecht, the Netherlands in order to develop their artistic or theoretical work.

Concerning “Knowledge Production”

A multifaceted project consisting of research, discussions, publications, a series of lectures, and dialogues by and with artists, curators, and scholars, as well as a series of public readings, screenings, and presentations that evolve around current articulations of the notion “producing knowledge” in contemporary art practices. Four different sessions take place every Saturday during the period from 25 November to 16 December 2006. Developed by Binna Choi, Maria Hlavajova, and Jill Winder.

Concerning War

Concerning War is a project with a multi-faceted format including an exhibition, a series of conversations, lectures, and workshops, as well as a publication that consider how the issue of war is reflected upon in contemporary artistic practice.

Who if not we…?

Who if not we…? 7 episodes on (ex)changing Europe is the multi-faceted visual art program realized within the framework of Thinking Forward, the cultural program on the occasion of the Dutch presidency of the European Union and its enlargement by ten countries: the Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Hungary, Latvia, Lithuania, Malta, Poland, Slovakia, and Slovenia.