In addition to our regular programming, the spaces at BAK, basis voor actuele kunst are available to rent for a variety of activities, such as (digital) lectures, presentations, workshops, exhibitions, or film screenings. BAK is a unique spot to get together or to rent for your (digital) activities. All rental activities we cater to are situated within a contemporary context. For example, there are usually exhibitions on view which we gladly open up to your company, and if desired can be introduced by the BAK team. In this way, your event will always have a unique and contemporary flavor.
BAK is located in a building with an unpolished, metropolitan appearance in the heart of Utrecht. Our building offers various options, such as the renting of a fully equipped auditorium with 157 fixed seats (currently 33 seats due 1.5m distance). Due to the theater’s layout, this space is highly suitable for digital events, livestreams, lectures, presentations, and film screenings.

In addition, we rent out our library, a smaller room suitable for meetings and workshops for groups up to about 20-25 people. In addition to renting the auditorium and the library, it is possible to make use of the foyer and kitchen.

Capacity auditorium: 157 fixed seats
Capacity library: 20-25 persons
Location: Pauwstraat 13a, in the centre of Utrecht, near de Neude
How to find us: We are approximately a 7-minute walk from Utrecht Central Station, and you can reach us by public transport as well.
Parking: Secure car parks Q-Park La Vie and Paardenveld are at approximately 3- and 7-minutes walking distance, respectively
Accessibility: The auditorium is easily accessible to those with a disability
Catering: Bespoke catering is optional

We offer a 25% discount to non-profit organizations on the total costs, excluding those for catering.

Solidarity principle
At BAK we like to work together with other organizations that pursue a similar objective. We believe it to be important to provide a platform to a group of people that is as diverse as possible. We understand that not everyone has access to the necessary financial resources, which is why we like to maintain a principle of solidarity. We put 10% of our commercial rental income toward giving organizations with less financial means the opportunity to hire a space with us.

You can rent our spaces for the entire day or part of it. The availability of the auditorium depends highly on the type of activity you want to organize and on our regular programming. Feel free to contact us; we will gladly think along. The library can be hired per hour with a minimum of two hours.

More information?
Are you interested in renting(one of) our spaces and want to know more about availability? Send an e-mail to Esther Dascha Westra at verhuur@bakonline.org or call us at 030 2316125 so we can discuss options and, if desired, schedule a tour of the building.
Library, photo: Tom Janssen
Library, photo: Tom Janssen
Library, photo: Tom Janssen
Library, photo: Tom Janssen
Auditorium, photo: Tom Janssen
Auditorium, photo: Tom Janssen
Auditorium, photo: Tom Janssen
Auditorium, photo: Tom Janssen