Fellowship & Study

BAK has long explored the ways in which art plays and can play an active role in contemporary society. In the area where the working fields of art, knowledge production and social action overlap, BAK's practice is located. Here we work with three working forms; the imaginative capacity of art; the thinking capacity of knowledge production; and the acting capacity of social action. So: thinking, imagining and acting! This with the aim of visualizing a just future and putting it into practice.

Together with and for different groups; artists, writers, curators, activists and young people we organize, besides the bak Young Fellow program, several other programs such as: guided tours, workshops and presentations. Sometimes we have a special program to accompany an exhibition or enter into longer collaborations with schools, we work at the schools themselves and in BAK's own exhibition space.

BAK has approximately three to four visiting exhibitions per calendar year. In addition, BAK works on several national and international projects. Students can come and visit these projects and exhibitions, in combination with a guided tour or workshop.

The educational offer focuses on content such as; depicting alternative economic models or political structures, or; reflecting on environmental issues, migration, housing, care, labor or technology. BAK wants to make young people part of this thinking process, to encourage them to then empower them for social action.

"For somebody to be a citizen, to take part in the shaping of a city, there has to be a sense of belonging." - Jeanne van Heeswijk