Radical Data

artist collective
Rayén Jara Mitrovich and Jo Jara Kroese are the co-founders of Radical Data, a collective repurposing digital technology for liberation and joy. Bringing together mathematicians, technologists, dancers, and designers, they have built tools for anti-fascism, been political consultants for socialists in Latin America, and made an AI that learns to be thankful.
Rayén Jara Mitrovich is a Chilean performance artist and researcher whose work focuses on intimacy, bodies, and their interaction with technology. Jo Jara Kroese is a British-Dutch mathematician and technologist.

Their fellowship research, Holding Hands Through Machines Made to Chop Off Hands, investigates digital labor, focused on the Mechanical Turk platform. Through the limited communication possible within the platform, they will intervene the distance between the worker and the contractor, and explore how to recover human connection in a space named after people pretending to be robots.. Can they subvert this space to create art, build unions, and make friendships?

They are both based in Amsterdam, and they are part of the BAK Cell, Utrecht, in the Fellowship for Situated Practice.