Betül Aksu

Betül Aksu is an artist whose work explores the ways disciplinary, territorial and systemic boundaries manifest in everyday life through installation, performance, text and printmaking. As part of the BAK Fellowship for Situated Practice, she will explore the notion of freedom of movement and the ways in which movement is restricted in the art worlds.
Betül will conduct research about the Free Movement of Persons as declared by the European Parliament and document how such a right to free movement appears in the everyday life of art workers. Close readings of official documents and subjective experiences of everyday life will form collective performances in the forms of creative refusals.

In September 2023 Betül founded sezon, an independent art space based in Izmir, Turkey set out to explore the politics and poetics of change. She participated in the Istanbul Biennial Production and Research Programme (2022), School of Commons Research Residency at Zurich University of the Arts (2021-2022), and British Council Altcity Istanbul art residency (2017). Her works have been exhibited in Ankara, Berlin, Cork, Cornwall, Hamburg, İstanbul, Leicester, London, Linz, Zurich and on the internet.

Lives and works in between İzmir and İstanbul, and is part of the BAK cell, Istanbul, in the Fellowship for Situated Practice.