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Once is Nothing. Individual Systems

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By Charles Esche, Maria Hlavajova, Steven ten Thije, Igor Zabel

This reference book accompanies the exhibition Once is Nothing, a joint contribution by BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht and the Van Abbemuseum, Eindhoven to the Brussels Biennial 1 (2008). Once is Nothing responds to the framework of the first Brussels Biennial by revisiting an exhibition on the subject of “global modernity” from another biennial: Individual Systems, curated by Igor Zabel at the 50th Venice Biennale, Venice in 2003. The reference books contains a text about the project by curators Charles Esche and Maria Hlavajova and a text by Igor Zabel on the original exhibition Individual Systems, as well as images and descriptions of the works in the exhibition, biographies of contributing artists, and floor plans of the Venice and Brussels installations. Once is Nothing. Individual Systems was recently named one of the best books of 2008 by Stichting De Best Verzorgde Boeken, in the category of “Institutional Publications.”


Concept and Editors: Charles Esche and Maria Hlavajova

Texts: Charles Esche and Maria Hlavajova, Steven ten Thije, and Igor Zabel

Design: Kummer & Herrman, Utrecht

Language: English

Pages: 80

ISBN: 978-90-77288 (hardback)

ISBN: 978-90-77288-13-9 (paperback)

Price: € 10

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Once is Nothing, 2008, Brussels Biennial
Once is Nothing, 2008, Brussels Biennial 1, installation view. Photo: Josef Dabernig