BAK Critical Readers in Contemporary Art
On Knowledge Production: A Critical Reader in Contemporary Art

BAK Critical Readers in Contemporary Art

By Maria Hlavajova, Jill Winder, Binna Choi, Matthew Buckingham, Copenhagen Free University, Critical Art Ensemble, Clémentine Deliss, Joachim Koester, Sven Lütticken, Eva Meyer, Eran Schaerf, Marion von Osten, Alejandro del Pino Velasco, Sarat Maharaj,

On Knowledge Production: A Critical Reader in Contemporary Art presents a selection of newly commissioned and anthologized texts by a diverse group of artists, art historians, philosophers, and theorists who have engaged with thinking critically about the field of art as a site for the production of knowledge. The body of contributions to this reader comprise a series of critical inquires, thought experiments, documents of practice, and tentative propositions about the status of producing knowledge in contemporary art, which vary widely in perspective, approach, and form. This selection unfolds different entry points and layers, unwrapping the (often) uncritically adopted notion of “art producing knowledge” and casting diverse views on the context, meaning, and potential of this understanding of art practices today.

With contributions by: Matthew Buckingham, Copenhagen Free University, Critical Art Ensemble, Clémentine Deliss, Joachim Koester, Sven Lütticken, Eva Meyer & Eran Schaerf, Marion von Osten, Alejandro del Pino Velasco/Sarat Maharaj, Irit Rogoff, Natascha Sadr Haghighian & Ashley Hunt, and Simon Sheikh.

Table of contents


Binna Choi, Maria Hlavajova, and Jill Winder

Muhheakantuck—Everything Has a Name

Matthew Buckingham

We Have Won!

Copenhagen Free University

When Thought Becomes Crime

Critical Art Ensemble

privacy + dialect = capital

Clémentine Deliss


Joachim Koester

Unknown Knowns: On Symptoms in Contemporary Art

Sven Lütticken

What Does Art Know?

Eva Meyer and Eran Schaerf

Such Views Miss the Decisive Point . . . The Dilemma of Knowledge-Based Economy and its Opponents

Marion von Osten

Summary of An Unknown Object in Uncountable Dimensions: Visual Arts as Knowledge Production in the Retinal Arena, a presentation by Sarat Maharaj

Alejandro del Pino Velasco

What is a Theorist?

Irit Rogoff

Representations of the Erased

Natascha Sadr Haghighian and Ashley Hunt

Talk Value: Cultural Industry and the Knowledge Economy

Simon Sheikh


Editors: Binna Choi, Maria Hlavajova, and Jill Winder

Design: Kummer & Herrman, Utrecht

Published by: BAK, basis voor actuele kunst and Revolver, Archiv für aktuelle Kunst (Utrecht/Frankfurt am Main)

Language: English

Pages: 223

ISBN (BAK): 978-90-77288-11-5

ISBN (Revolver): 978-3-86588-466-4

Price: € 20

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