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Germaine Kruip, A Play To Stop to Add A Moment

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By Maria Hlavajova, Germaine Kruip

The project of Germaine Kruip within the series ‘Location: U’ has developed as an imaginary scenario for silence. The artist has chosen a busy area of Hoog Catharijne in Utrecht – a shopping mall and a train station in one – as an example of our contemporary condition: a crowd of anonymous individuals constantly on the move, at a speed that does not allow us to contemplate the contemporary situation of disillusionment. Seeking ways to create a space for imagining the world otherwise, Kruip has written a brief scenario for making people temporarily stop their activity and dedicate a moment to radically re-visioning the reality we share.

Alongside the scenario in the artist’s book, ‘A Play to Stop to Add a Moment’, the artist presents photographs taken during her recent travels, a series of images that show blank or vacant spaces (such as an empty billboard), inviting us to fill the images with new meanings of our own.

The concept and design of the publication has been developed by Kummer & Herrman.


Editor: Maria Hlavajova

Text (scenario): Germaine Kruip

A2 format images to unfold by: Germaine Kruip

Language: English

Price: € 18

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