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Clippings Artist Edition by Olga Chernysheva

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By Olga Chernysheva

In conjunction with the exhibition In the Middle of Things (23.01.–17.04.2011), BAK presents the artist edition Clippings by Olga Chernysheva and designed by Maxim Spivakov. Based on the installation work Clippings (2010), this edition connects photographs and video stills with fragments of the artist’s reflections.


Translation: David Riff

Design: Maxim Spivakov

Published by: BAK, basis voor actuele kunst, Utrecht

Language: English

Pages: 24 Edition: 100, plus 10 signed copies

Price: € 17 (unsigned)/€ 75 (signed)

For inquiries or to order a copy of this publication, please send an e-mail to