Shumaila Anwar

founder of IDIP
Shumaila Anwar is the founder of Initiative for Diversity, Inclusion & Peace (IDIP). This initiative provides deep support, training, and empowerment to women activists and peacebuilders in order to create international solidarity and support between peacebuilders all over the world.
Peace is not only when there is no war, it is also defined as the absence of violence of all kinds, of conflict, and of discrimination (on the basis of gender, ethnicity, color, or religion), as well as the countering of extremism. Following this definition, IDIP creates space for women to meaningfully contribute to conflict resolution and peacebuilding at grassroot level. IDIP engages and supports women in gaining skills and capacities in peacebuilding, facilitates their access to higher-level peacebuilding structures, and empowers them to participate in peacebuilding in a more meaningful and influential way. Anwar lives and works in Utrecht.