Take a Risk and Explore: The Visualisati
Take a Risk and Explore: The Visualisation of the Dutch Cleaners’ Movement

Collective Dictionary: Xenia with Elena Isayev

Matthijs de Bruijne’s practice is a result of being in political collaboration with trade unions and labor organizations. Working in Argentina in December 2001 in the middle of social conflict and a bankrupt state, de Bruijne learned that the artist
Elena Isayev is a historian and professor at University of Exeter uses the ancient Mediterranean to explore migration, belonging, displacement and spatial perception. Her research is based on the intersection of Hospitality and Asylum, Potency of Displaced Agency, Common and Public Space. Her interdisciplinary and inter-practice approach has led to collective learning and research beyond the […]


Collective Dictionary: Inhabiting
Collective Dictionary: Inhabiting
BAK Fellows in MaHKU Graduation Show: If
BAK Fellows in MaHKU Graduation Show: If Not Now