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        2. Q&A with Nicoline van Harskamp and invited experts - 28.10.2016 19.30–21.30 hrs

          On the occasion of the exhibition EnglishesBAK hosts a Q&A with artist Nicoline van Harskamp and a number of invited experts. Additionally, curator and writer Mihnea Mircan will give a public reading of an essay commissioned by BAK to accompany the exhibition.
          Nicoline van Harskamp, PDGN, 2016, set photograph, photography by Javi Zilbermann/1
        3. Englishes - exhibition by Nicoline van Harskamp - 24.09.–20.11.2016

          opening hours: Wednesday–Sunday, 12.00–18.00 hrs.

          Nicoline van Harskamp's ongoing work Englishes has been engaged with exploring the widespread use and modification of the English language by its non-native speakers. Englishes depicts the development of the plurality of spoken-English that displaces the perceived position of primacy occupied by dominant strains of the language.
        4. The Southern Summer School

          In February 2017 BAK hosts The Southern Summer School, a project initiated by artists Dorine van Meel and Nelmarie du Preez. It brings together art practitioners and cultural workers based in South Africa, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom and begins from the acknowledgment that the colonial involvement of the Dutch and the British empire in South Africa continues to operate in the present. In the months preceding The Southern Summer School workshops and reading groups will be organized in South Africa, the Netherlands, and the UK.
        5. Learning Laboratories - exhibition conceptualized by Tom Holert - 03.12.2016–05.02.2017

          A research exhibition and a conference, Learning Laboratories: Architecture, Instructional Technology, and the Social Production of Pedagogical Space around 1970 sets out to reconstruct educational imaginaries—the past’s conceptions of the future of education—in an archaeological excavation of learning spaces and knowledge environments of the 1960s and 1970s.
        6. upcoming reader - Marion von Osten: Once We Were Artists

          In the publishing line of BAK Critical Readers in Artists’ Practice a publication will be released in 2016 on artists and cultural producers Marion von Osten, titled Once We Were Artists, charting the qualitative changes in the artistic practices in relation to social change in the course of the last four decades.  

        7. research intinerary - Future Vocabularies (2014–2016)

          In 2016 BAK prolongs its research program Future Vocabularies (2014–2016). In 2016 the leading concept to shape BAK’s program is that of instituting otherwise. The series is prompted by the desire to engage publically with the ideal of institutional innovation that would sync the operations of the infrastructure in general—and of the art infrastructure in particular—with the rapidly developing world that is enveloped in a series of concurrent crises (political, social, environmental, military, cultural, aesthetic, or other). More information can be found here.
        8. upcoming publication - FORMER WEST: Art and the Contemporary after 1989

          Having entered its culminating phase, FORMER WEST, the transnational research, education, exhibition, and publication project of BAK will conclude with a major publication synthesizing its eight year-long efforts. Titled FORMER WEST: Art and the Contemporary after 1989 and edited by Maria Hlavajova (BAK artistic director) and Simon Sheikh (curator and writer, London/Berlin), the book inquires into the complex relationship between art and the contemporary from 1989 onwards, probed through the propositional imaginary of a “former West.” Release date December 2016.